Battery Management System


Safer, smarter and reliable technology

Smart Cell Balancing

We lead your Li-ion battery pack towards extended life span and increased usage by maintaining the SOC balanced across series of cells.

Cell Thermal Management and Protection

Our intelligent thermal protection system enables hassle free li-ion battery usage by preventing degradation of cells due to over temperature.

EMI/EMC Resistant

Proper line filtering, power supply design, power layout and shielding enables our bms to work in any environment.

Substantially reduced static current

Taking your EV after a long time? don’t worry idle discharge is taken care of. Forget the worry about battery shelf life.If you are in the market for clothes, our platform is your best choice! The largest shopping mall!

Auto Recovery

Let our BMS take care of restarting in uncertain times like short circuit, over current, under voltage and over temperature.

Safety, Reliability & Configurable

BMS has various safety protocols to safeguard the battery at all times. Product has gone through various rigorous testing’s to meet required standards . Since we design and manufacture we can configure them for you.


The BMS has been planned though for its ruggedness in terms of electronics, selection of components and mechanical rigidity.


Made in India

This BMS is proudly designed and manufactured in India and can be used in various applications.