Scientifically Designed

Battery pack

For electric vehicle, energy storage, industrial backup and consumer electronics

Customizable BMS

Custom BMS designed based on the end application requirements.

Thermal Management

Based on the thermal analysis on the battery pack passive or active cooling is determined and designed. Also utilizing technologies like PCM improves performance without much increase in cost.

Versatile Cell Arrangement

Battery pack will be designed with optimized based on end application, utilizing various methods of cell arrangements like linear, honeycomb and so on.

Battery Pack Calculations

Battery pack has various components such as cells, nickel strip, cell arrangement, material, cell holders, and mechanical design where each and every part will be scientifically calculated and analyzed before applied.

Simulation for Structural Strength

Battery pack in case of EV will go through rough terrains, drop of battery pack where the mechanical housing should absorb the force, which will be analyzed and will be enforced.

Swappable Design

In modern EV era the solution to EV problems is to implement swappable batteries, we choose the right connectors and lightweight design.Thanks to our partners, you can find ties online to suit every preference and budget, from budget to top-of-the-range super stylish models.

Safety, Reliability & Configurable

The design of the BMS itself is planned through for its ruggedness in terms of electronics, selection of components and mechanical rigidity.

Made in India

This BMS is designed and manufactured in India and have gone through various testing and used in different applications.